Longman Roll Butter

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Longman’s Multi-award-winning Farmhouse rolled salted butter is prized by gourmet chefs and home cooks alike. Renowned for its rich, creamy, smooth and flavourful taste, it’s easy to understand why this butter has been crowned a double World Champion at the International Cheese Awards over the years.

Longman’s butter is made using traditional methods, taking only the finest quality whey cream that has been separated from the whey produced when the curds are cut during the cheese making process.

By using the whey cream to produce our delicious butter we get all the benefits from the cultures and flavourings found within the amazing cheese to help us create a fantastic rich flavoured and golden coloured butter.

The Longman family have been farmers and Farmhouse Cheese makers for over 200 years, this wealth of experience means we have a unique and extensive knowledge of all things cheese, butter and other dairy products.

We also offer butters from Arla and Maryland to suit all tastes, as well as butter portions, Vegan Spread, Goats Butter and more.


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24x250g, 250g

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Cow – Butter







Salted / Unsalted

Salted, Unsalted

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